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Spray grade Bitumen

Bitumen Spray Sealing is a simple and cost-efficient way to quickly resurface a road, driveway, or carpark when compared to using asphalt or other forms of paving. … This results in a waterproof, skid-resistant, highly functional paved surface which will extend the lifespan of any paved surface.

  • Domestic Prices of Bitumen at various Indian Refineries & Port locations
  • Imported Packed Bitumen prices at all Indian major cities
  • Global Bulk & Packed Bitumen Prices at various markets
  • Domestic Price forecast of Packed Bitumen, Bulk Bitumen & Modified Bitumen
  • Turnkey Projects for installation of Storage facilities, Melting Units, Decanting Units, Emulsion Plants & PMB/CRMB plants
  • Heating facilities viz. Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters & Bio Fuel Systems
  • Transportation & Logistics solutions for Bitumen & Bituminous products

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