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Bitumen price in India

We supply the highest quality bitumen with different grades, such as Penetration Bitumen, Viscosity Grade, Cutback Bitumen, Emulsion Bitumen, and Oxidized Bitumen to Asia, Africa, and Europe at a competitive price.

Bulk Bitumen Price (in Rs.)
VG 10 (80/100) 48820
VG 30 (60/70) 49120
VG 40 (30/40) 52750
Packed Bitumen Price (in Rs.)
VG 10 (80/100) 57050
VG 30 (60/70) 57850
VG 40 (30/40) 61150

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Base oil market price

Base oils are used to manufacture products including lubricating greases, motor oil, and metal processing fluids. Different products require different compositions and properties in the oil. One of the most important factors is the liquid’s viscosity at various temperatures.

Base Oils, Packaging Type: Can, Grade: Group 1. ₹ 200 / Litre. Unicorn Petroleum Industries Private Limited. Grade: EP – 140 Premium Gear Oil, Packaging Type: Drum. ₹ 12,000 / Piece.

In India, Base Oil prices climbed up during January-February 2021 due to consistent tight supply activities. … This plant expansion is proposed to be completed by 2024 and will improve the supply crisis of Base Oil in India.

Base Oil Market by Group (Group I, Group II, Group III, Group IV, Group V), Application (Automotive Oil, Industrial Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Grease, Metalworking Fluid), Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, MEA) – Global Forecast to 2025

Based on Group, the base oil market is segmented as follows:

  • Group I
  • Group II
  • Group III
  • Group IV
  • Group V

Based on Application, the base oil market is segmented as follows:

  • Automotive Oil
  • Industrial Oil
  • Metalworking Fluid
  • Greases
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Others
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Spray grade Bitumen

Bitumen Spray Sealing is a simple and cost-efficient way to quickly resurface a road, driveway, or carpark when compared to using asphalt or other forms of paving. … This results in a waterproof, skid-resistant, highly functional paved surface which will extend the lifespan of any paved surface.

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